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CFH is a vertically integrated, hemp bioscience company producing effective, therapeutic CBD products to enhance health and improve quality of life.

CFH: The Science Inside Your Brand

Hear from our community

“The relief cream works great on aches and pains. I am a massage therapist and I use it on my clients during massage sessions.”

Alicia K Fort Collins, CO
Hear from our community

“Your Full Spectum Hemp Flower Extract Relief Cream 1,000 mg is the BEST Relief Cream I have ever used. I have had a constant knee problem for the last 2 years. My Doctor told me I had a Torn Meniscus and suggested I try physical therapy before going for surgery. I went to physical therapy for about 4 months. It helped a little. A friend of mine told me about your relief cream. He said his wife was using it and it did wonders for her. So I decided to try it. After only one application my pain was gone. I could not believe it. I have been using it every other day for the last 2 months. NO PAIN ANY MORE. I highly recommend this product.”

Howard T
Hear from our community

“I’ve been using the sleep gummies for the last two months, and they’ve made a huge difference in my ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep. I wear my smart watch to bed and monitor my sleep scores, and they’ve been consistently higher since I’ve started taking the gummies. I wake up feeling more refreshed and have considerably more energy throughout the day.”


Lauren Fort Collins, CO
Hear from our community

I have been using  CFH Bioscience Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract Topical Treatment Oil 500mg Full spectrum Phytocannabinoids for 1.5 years. I enjoy the soft, emollient feel versus a slimy, greasy feel. The balanced viscosity enables the drops to not run off my fingers, yet not too thick as I apply the drops of serum to my face. To me it smells like a fresh, fragrant bouquet of flowers.  I like the way the serum soaks into my skin quickly. After I apply it I feel as if my thirsty skin is thanking me for the relief it provides my dry taught “aging” skin. My skin instantly feels soft and hydrated. 

Thank you CFH for making such an amazing product.”

Victoria Superior, CO
Hear from our community

“In the last week, we have had so much buzz about your products!! The staff here really loves your products and the patients have been happy with it as well. Thank you so much for your products and services.”

Nature Medica, Detox Spa & Naturopathic Clinic Tuscon, AZ
Hear from our community

“I myself am a 60 year old woman who is going through menopause. I started taking 1/4 dropper every night a week ago. I sleep better, my hot flashes during the night have decreased tremendously and I have more energy during the day.”

JB Asheville, NC
Hear from our community

“Having lived with ADD all my life, I have been challenged with focus and energy throughout my life. I now feel that I am able to have the focus and mind energy to live a higher quality of life by using CFH Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil CBD Tincture in my daily diet.”

Jeff Boulder CO
Hear from our community

“For years I have had trouble falling asleep and tried several over the counter and prescription sleep aids. Since taking the oil (1/2) dropper, I fall asleep quicker and if I do wake I’m able to fall quickly back to sleep. The best is waking up rested without the brain fog.”

Becky Asheville NC
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There are many ways to manage a brand & product line. CFH offers proven, streamlined strategies to maintain your products lines. We can manage hemp extract or other functional botanical products for your private or white label line. How to best utilize our programs is entirely up to you. CFH will happily tailor a unique plan only for you. Basically, you can put together an entire line of products or just order a single case of whatever you need.

At CFH, we understand that the success of your business depends on the quality of your products. That’s why we offer exceptional co-manufacturing services designed to help you create the best products possible. Our team of experts is determined to provide you with the highest quality ingredients and formulations. Subsequently, you can be confident that your products are held to the highest standard. Quality & consistency are two very important components in the acquisition of customer loyalty. Perhaps even more so than bright colors & a sexy spokesperson, dependability tends to test very highly with focus groups. In the realm of health & wellness, reliability carries some heft.

In addition to our adherence to quality, we also offer a range of services to help you grow your business. We can help you with product development, packaging design, and marketing strategies to help you reach new customers and expand your business. To assist in growing & managing your enterprise while simultaneously improving quality of life, CFH is here for you, your customers & the future of health & wellness.

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