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CFH is a vertically integrated, hemp bioscience company producing effective, therapeutic CBD products to enhance health and improve quality of life.

Hear from our community

“The relief cream works great on aches and pains. I am a massage therapist and I use it on my clients during massage sessions.”

Alicia K Fort Collins, CO
Hear from our community

“Your Full Spectum Hemp Flower Extract Relief Cream 1,000 mg is the BEST Relief Cream I have ever used. I have had a constant knee problem for the last 2 years. My Doctor told me I had a Torn Meniscus and suggested I try physical therapy before going for surgery. I went to physical therapy for about 4 months. It helped a little. A friend of mine told me about your relief cream. He said his wife was using it and it did wonders for her. So I decided to try it. After only one application my pain was gone. I could not believe it. I have been using it every other day for the last 2 months. NO PAIN ANY MORE. I highly recommend this product.”

Howard T
Hear from our community

“I’ve been using the sleep gummies for the last two months, and they’ve made a huge difference in my ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep. I wear my smart watch to bed and monitor my sleep scores, and they’ve been consistently higher since I’ve started taking the gummies. I wake up feeling more refreshed and have considerably more energy throughout the day.”


Lauren Fort Collins, CO
Hear from our community

I have been using  CFH Bioscience Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract Topical Treatment Oil 500mg Full spectrum Phytocannabinoids for 1.5 years. I enjoy the soft, emollient feel versus a slimy, greasy feel. The balanced viscosity enables the drops to not run off my fingers, yet not too thick as I apply the drops of serum to my face. To me it smells like a fresh, fragrant bouquet of flowers.  I like the way the serum soaks into my skin quickly. After I apply it I feel as if my thirsty skin is thanking me for the relief it provides my dry taught “aging” skin. My skin instantly feels soft and hydrated. 

Thank you CFH for making such an amazing product.”

Victoria Superior, CO
Hear from our community

“In the last week, we have had so much buzz about your products!! The staff here really loves your products and the patients have been happy with it as well. Thank you so much for your products and services.”

Nature Medica, Detox Spa & Naturopathic Clinic Tuscon, AZ
Hear from our community

“I myself am a 60 year old woman who is going through menopause. I started taking 1/4 dropper every night a week ago. I sleep better, my hot flashes during the night have decreased tremendously and I have more energy during the day.”

JB Asheville, NC
Hear from our community

“Having lived with ADD all my life, I have been challenged with focus and energy throughout my life. I now feel that I am able to have the focus and mind energy to live a higher quality of life by using CFH Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil CBD Tincture in my daily diet.”

Jeff Boulder CO
Hear from our community

“For years I have had trouble falling asleep and tried several over the counter and prescription sleep aids. Since taking the oil (1/2) dropper, I fall asleep quicker and if I do wake I’m able to fall quickly back to sleep. The best is waking up rested without the brain fog.”

Becky Asheville NC
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The cloning process involves taking cuttings from a viable plant & growing those. There's a subtle art to it. One wants to give the cuttings every advantage to develop. Sizes & stem quantity are relatively uniform. After a while, it gets surprisingly meditative & feels a lot like shaping bonsai trees.

Our Relief Cream is truly one of our favorite products among the CFH team. Most of us suffer from some sort of ache, pain or soreness, and this little jar does an excellent job of providing relief for all of those little ailments we find ourselves dealing with on a daily basis. Not only does it deal with those aches and pains, but it also smells fantastic, is made with 100% botanical ingredients and provides deep hydration for the skin.

Have you tried our Total Omega 3X yet? If you're taking CBD soft gels and/or an Omega 3 supplement, it's time to switch to Total Omega 3X! You'll save money on each supplement AND with Total Omega 3X, you're getting the best of both worlds. ⁠

Patented MaxSimil technology makes the Omega-3 fatty acids 3 times more bioavailable than traditional Omega-3 supplements, and when paired with Full Spectrum Hemp extract, leads to double the bioavailability of cannabinoids as well. This is a product that is truly greater than the sum of its parts, and we encourage you to try it today!⁠

3X the Omega-3's⁠
2X times the cannabinoids⁠
1 Powerful Supplement

We're proud to say that this photo was taken at our in-house manufacturing facility & offices located in Longmont, Colorado. Here at CFH we are fully vertically integrated. We study our crops, we grow them on our certified organic farm, we formulate and produce our products, we package them, and we ship them off to you. We pride ourselves on quality and consistency that you can trust, time and again.

Something special has arrived! We're excited to announce our new & chic secondary cartons for all of our CFH ProLine products. We figured it was about time that the transformative science inside our ProLine products got a little extra spotlight. ⁠

On these vessels you'll find more information about the CFH vertically integrated platform, our philosophy surrounding ingredients, clinical science & more. Expect to receive your products in our new packaging with your next order & send us your photos! 💙

One of the benefits CBD can provide is a calm and relaxing state of mind. If you've ever been to our farm in Longmont, CO you can experience much the same feeling of calm relaxation just from being in the field. The bright blue sky above, the warm Colorado sun, and the green hemp plants lightly blowing in the wind all make for a truly insightful and introspective experience. 💚💚💚

A good night's sleep is an amazing thing. It's so much easier to maintain a positive attitude the following day. It's easier to focus. It's easier to BE!⁠

Unfortunately, too many of us aren't very good at sleeping. For whatever reason, stress, caffeine, social media, proper rest eludes us.⁠

Our Nightly Cherry Gummies are here to help. With 2.5mg of CBN per gummy, these delicious little treats allow your body to relax naturally, activating the internal processes that help you wind down & sleep.

This is a picture of a plant from our farm. It was harvested, oils extracted, processed & incorporated into one of our products. It's entirely possible that one of you reading these words directly enjoyed the benefits of this particular plant.⁠

The transparency of our vertical process makes it possible for us to make that statement. This plant was monitored since BEFORE it was a seed. CFH was conscious of this plant when it was a concept. This concept was born in the mind of our geneticist who then proceeded to realize the seed along with our agriculturists. You know the rest.⁠

Until we package it & send it out for delivery, we know where this plant has been.

Small is nice. It's easier to carry with you &, in this case anyway, it's economical. Our Relief Cream is one of our more popular offerings. It's some of the most amazing stuff you can put on your skin.⁠

CFH Relief Cream moisturizes, soothes & restores skin, urging you closer to your original, natural beauty.

Every single hemp flower used to make our products is hand harvested from our single source, privately owned & operated, farm in Colorado. Hand harvesting may not be the easiest method, but it’s the best way to preserve the efficacy of the flower. We know that the therapeutic compounds in hemp flowers are delicate & need to be handled with care. We take our methods seriously. Know where your CBD comes from, how it’s grown, processed & manufactured. This is YOUR health. Ask frequent questions & demand transparent answers. 🚜🔬✔️

"Freeze Formula" refers to our Rapid Relief Roll-on Gel, which includes a crucial ingredient called menthol. Menthol offers cooling relief immediately so you don't have to wait for anything else to start working on making you happier. While menthol is doing it's job, our Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract works in the background to provide deep & long-lasting inflammation support. Get yours today at the link in our bio.

Not your typical day on the farm…but we look forward to this moment all year long!! Come along for a ride as we plant in our sun-grown Colorado fields ☀️

Our Essential Serum is as uncomplicated as it is potent. The anti-inflammatory qualities are just the start. Reports of increased skin hydration, softness & clarity, improvement of acne & scars & reduction of lines & wrinkles show up time & time again in testimonials.⁠

Ok, so we’ve heard about The Endocannabinoid System. We know how it interacts with phytocannabinoids in hemp extracts. But what about the Endocannabinoid part? Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring signaling molecules in the human body and, like phytocannabinoids, they interact with our ECS via cannabinoid receptors in the body.

The two main endocannabinoids that our bodies produce are 2-AG & Anandamide. In short, their job is to keep the body from becoming over-stimulated or too relaxed. Your ECS becomes unbalanced when your Endocannabinoids are broken down by enzymes in an unbalanced manner. How often & how quickly this breakdown happens can depend on many different things that we’ll cover at another time. When we consume phytocannabinoids (like CBD in hemp extract), some go to work by combating & slowing down the degradation of our Endocannabinoids, while others can bind directly to the receptors along side 2-AG & Anandamide, facilitating accelerated support for the ECS. All of these molecules innately work together to keep us balanced. How cool is that?!

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One of the countless applications of our extraordinary tincture is as a quick topical fix for inadvertent self harm or other minor unexpected bodily misfortune. Scratches, bruises, headaches can be immediately confronted & mitigated by dabbing a few drops on the offending area.⁠

The bottle is small enough to be carried with you on your outing be it hiking, shopping, working or even if you're just accident prone.

Our new Total Omega 3X Maximum Cannabinoid & Omega Support combines MaxSimil's exceptional fish oil & absorption technology with CFH's own state of the art hemp extract. The result is a new supplement with vastly increased bioavailability & efficacy.

We want to formulate products you love & that actually work for you. This is the foundation of product development at CFH. Are you curious about products we have development or are you passionate about innovation? This month, we launched our Innovation Insiders Member Program for people just like you who are pioneering product frontiers, like to try new products (for FREE 😀) get involved & are eager to learn. Sign Up at the link in & become part of our development team today!

We love the color green & according to science, there's a good reason why. Did you that the human eye can see green better than any other color on the spectrum?! Pretty cool, right? 💚🟢📗

Our hemp oil tinctures come in different sizes & concentrations but do you know the difference?! It's not just simple math. The higher the concentration per mL, the more efficacious the product will be & the less of it you'll need to feel the effects. Let us explain…⁠

Say you have the following: ⁠
5 Droppers full of 10mg/mL tincture equals 50mg of Phytocannabioids.⁠
1 dropper full of 50mg/mL tincture equals 50mg of Phytocannabinoids. ⁠

That's the same amount right?! It you just add the numbers up, yes. However, you're going to have a greater potential for therapeutic benefit from 1 dropper full of 50mg/mL concentration than 5 droppers full of 10mg/mL concentration. By nature, a 50mg/mL dose will have a more robust profile of cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids than a 10mg/mL dose. The robustness of this full spectrum profile is what determines the degree that someone will experience the entourage effect or experience the therapeutic effects. Essentially, 5 droppers full of the 10mg/mL tincture will not add up to have the same benefit potential that a single dropper of 50mg/mL tincture will have. ⁠

Choose your concentrations based on your needs & here's our reminder to Know Your CBD Source!

Welcome to another day on the hemp farm! Our CEO & Founder, Jim, is also one of our resident tractor drivers. ⁠

We know transparency is important to you & it's equally as important to us. All of our products start at the farm with our Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil. Our oil always comes from a single source- the CFH privately owned & operated hemp farm right here in Colorado. 🤠