We Are a Vertically Integrated Hemp Bioscience Company

CFH Fundamentals

Our Mission is to create effective, therapeutic CBD products to enhance health & improve quality of life. What we choose to focus on defines who we are.

At CFH, we focus on the flower.
Although much can be derived from the whole plant, it’s in the the trichomes of the flower where the cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids are concentrated. By targeting the flower, we can avoid other components of the plant that threaten to reduce the efficacy of our CBD oil; resins, fibers, chlorophyll, leaves. Extraction from the flower only yields a full spectrum, phytocannabinoid & terpene rich, hemp flower extract.

At CFH, we focus on the science.
We have assembled a team of expert scientists & doctors to derive the most effective CBD products targeting specific health issues. The marriage of all available & ongoing scientific research leads directly to a consistent & predictably high quality full spectrum oil extract.

At CFH, we focus on health.
We know what works. Data has been gathered from countless outside studies as well as our own research. We never stop learning & improving. Our objective, from the very start, has been to enhance health & improve quality of life. It’s who we are.

CFH Areas of Ongoing Research & Development

Genetic Development

CFH, Ltd. builds upon proven plant bioscience and ongoing research to develop unique genetic strains and production methodology. By spotlighting trait-specific product advances, CFH can promote strains with specialized cannabinoid & terpene profiles, yielding full-spectrum oil designed for distinct health issues.

Field of hemp plants.

Prescription Production Methods

We use established controlled environmental crop and vegetable production practices, facilities, equipment and automation. This yields methods that are specific for each strain and optimizes the expression of the desired traits. The CFH, Ltd. Colorado farm is a certified organic and all CFH products are pesticide and herbicide free.

CFH agronomists plant hemp

Full Spectrum Oil Extraction

Research to date indicates that naturally derived full spectrum hemp flower extract is more effective in treating health issues. The interaction of all a robust profile of phytocannabinoids and terpenes that exist in Full Spectrum extracts have naturally proven to be a challenge for scientists and formulators to replicate while maintaining a true full spectrum profile. Our hemp oil extraction R&D specializes in perfecting formulations that maintain the naturally occurring full spectrum extract cannabinoid and terpene profiles. CFH provides third party Certificates of Analyses on all products to exhibit the robust CFH full spectrum Profiles.

CBD Oil pouring from a spout.

Product Development

CFH continues to innovate with ongoing product development. Our CFH full spectrum extract is the foundation for all of our tinctures, topicals, edibles & beverages. Formulations, functions & flavors are regularly created & improved in all product areas.

Person holding up a James & James CBD drink.

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