CFH in Full Spectrum Color

At CFH we are hemp farmers, scientists, creatives, writers & dreamers. We seek adventure and never shy away from a challenge. We are a team, bound by the desire to innovate. We take a long-term approach to do what is right & in the best interest of all. Our Denver area farm is where all ideas are lovingly brought to life. The reason our CBD is different starts at the farm. Here, too, one can see the thin line between the science & the art of agriculture as our team of botanists, geneticists & agronomists marry tried & true farming technology with cutting-edge techniques. The CFH Certified Organic Farm is registered with The Colorado Department of Agriculture and certified by The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. Our Longmont Facility is our other home where production, formulation and all of the deep conversations take place. At CFH, we do it all. Explore our photos & come along for the ride with us.

Photography © Copyright 2021, CFH, Ltd.

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