Plant Pathology Specialist


Barbara Cosper is the Plant Pathology Specialist for CFH, Ltd., and handles various daily operations involving plant production and plant health.  With a M.S. in Plant Pathology from Auburn University, and a B.S. in Horticulture, Barbara brings an impressive 35+ years of both domestic and international experience to the CFH, Ltd. team.

Her research work with soybean varieties in the Agronomy and Soils Department at Auburn University, led to the release of new soybean varieties with the results published in scientific journals. This work included breeding through cross pollination, field evaluation, selection for disease resistance and yield, inoculation and disease screening in greenhouse environments, computer analysis of data, and teaching agronomic crop production labs.

Most recently, Barbara managed a  hydroponic greenhouse in upstate New York growing lettuce and other speciality greens for a farm to table restaurant. She has   worked as a Plant Pathologist at the University of the Virgin Islands, Agricultural Experiment Station in St. Croix, owned a very successful retail florist shop in North Carolina, as well as co-developed a hydroponic tomato greenhouse facility on the small island of Montserrat, West Indies. As grower, researcher, and owner, Barbara not only brings to the CFH team her knowledge of plant production and plant pathology, but management and marketing skills.

Her background experience includes such various knowledge as working with farmers of diverse backgrounds, extensive hydroponics skills including the use of Bato Buckets, perlite grow bags, and coco coir grow bags, experimentation with raised beds and vertical towers, and skilled monitoring of pH and EC while maintaining optimum growth conditions and sanitation.