Integrated Pest Managment Specialist 


As Integrated Pest Managment Specialist for CFH, Ltd., Dean Cosper is involved in daily operations of Plant Production & Plant Health.

With a M.S in Entomolgy and a B.S. degree in Horticulture from Auburn University Dean offers a powerful, 40+ years of both domestic and international experience in the Horticulture Industry.  

Dean has held such positions ranging from Hydroponics Production Specialist, Greenhouse Manager, Horticultural Technician, Researcher and Pest Management Specialist to Owner, Manager, Founder & Caribbean Entrepreneur.   As Manager and Founder of Green Umbrella Fruit Farm in Alabama, Dean was responsible for the successful planning, development, and production of 40 acres of drip irrigated diversified crops including strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, pumpkins, and cut flowers.  And, as owner of Cosper Flowers in North Carolina, Dean successfully owned and operated a company selling retail and wholesale cut flowers. Dean also developed a hydroponic tomato business on the island of Montserrat, West Indies.

With his experience in pest monitoring and the use of biological pest control methods, along with maintenance of optimum plant growth conditions, propagation and production of vine crops, and NFT lettuce production, Dean brings a diverse and substantial level of experience to the CFH, Ltd. team.