With more than 15 years experience in formulation, process development, & manufacturing of biologicals, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, Dr. Scott Stelting adds a diverse range of expertise and experience to the CFH team as Product Development Director.

Dr. Stelting has a PhD from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in Chemical and Process Engineering and offers extensive experience in Pharmaceutical API, Biologics, and Food Manufacturing processes.

Beginning his career as Fleet Biologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) in the Bering Sea, Dr. Stelting moved on to hold such positions as Bioprocess Engineer at Massey University, Chemical & Process Engineer for the University of Canterbury and Formulation Scientist for the National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, CO.  Dr. Stelting is also Principal Scientist and Owner of CORE Formulations, LLC and has been published in various scientific journals.

At CFH, Dr. Stelting is responsible for collaborating with CFH’s Team & Clinical Science Director to develop new & innovative formulations and highly efficacious full spectrum hemp flower oil products.