Farm to Formulator

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CFH, Ltd. is a Colorado based vertically integrated CBD oil BioScience company producing Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Oil.  We deliver consistent, high quality, full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich hemp flower extract batch after batch after batch. This is our specialty. Our science, quality, consistency & traceability set us apart.

About Our Science & Data:

At CFH, Ltd., we are working to develop unique cannabis genetics that express specific, predetermined cannabinoid and terpene profiles targeting specific health issues. Our goal is to insure the expression of these profiles in each and every batch of our product. It is our application of genetic and plant bioscience research & development that allows us to deliver both predictability and consistency all the way through the process. By controlling the entire supply chain from the DNA in the seed genetics through propagation, cultivation, and extraction, we are able to deliver standardized and consistent ingredients to our formulators every time.

About Our Quality & Consistency:

All our products are organically grown on our farm in Colorado and are GMO, Pesticide and Herbicide free, containing only Full Spectrum Hemp Flower oil. CFH oil is CO2 extracted and contains all the specific phytocannabinoid and terpene profiles that make it most effective for addressing health issues.

  • CFH products DO NOT contain oil extracted from the stalks, stems, leaves, or seeds which have much lower quality, and less concentrated cannabinoids.

  • CFH DOES NOT fractionate the oil into separate molecules and then recombine it to make a product. This is a common practice by other manufacturers who utilize fractionated CBD isolate as their CBD source. The recombination of the fractionated molecules leads to less product effectiveness. The synergistic effect of compounds that are produced naturally by the hemp plant and delivered into the flower as a full spectrum product is essential and is not present in products that have been fractionated and recombined.

About Our Traceability:

CFH provides a complete chain of custody and production data documentation all the way from the DNA of the seed to the product you purchase. This means that you will get the same results from CFH product every time.

We are a fully integrated company that certifies, tracks and controls every aspect of the production process from genetics to final product and we utilize standardization practices to insure quality and consistency.

  • CFH DOES NOT purchase flower or oil from others. We utilize only Hemp Flower produced on our CFH farm.

Many product manufacturers purchase CBD oil from wholesale sources or purchase flower from various sources that CANNOT provide CBD source traceability. Remember to always ask your CBD product supplier: Who Grew the Product? How was it Grown? What’s the genetic origin? How was theFlower oil Extracted? Was the final product made with isolate and other fractionated molecules or from Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil? If they can’t answer or provide a chain of custody story or documentation, come see CFH. It’s all about your health.