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The CFH Innovation Insider Program is a collective of consumers who commit to making bold decisions that promote health & vitality on an individual as well as a community level. Significantly, Innovation Insiders are early adopters who are exploring the frontier of product innovation.

This is a group of connoisseurs who specifically seek out life-bettering products & services. They are eager to try new & innovative offerings before anyone else. These thought leaders & enthusiasts are pioneering educational conversations surrounding health & vitality, product & innovation and scientific research with the intention of emphatically empowering each individual on their wellness journey. CFH is here to provide you with the tools & resources you need to live your life to its fullest & highest potential.

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As an Innovation Insider, you help CFH develop products that are made for you. Our Sampling Program is a guided introduction to life enhancing products. Be the first to receive FREE professional grade products before they are available anywhere else.

  • Access to Original Content & Education

Our members have exclusive access to cutting edge educational content about health & wellness, functional & alternative medicine in addition to product innovation & more. Get the chance to interact with the CFH team, ask questions, tell your story and, most important, gain an insider perspective to the ongoing science, research & development happening at CFH and beyond.

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