Many questions remain about these key variables in the production of Cannabis.  Our research around these key variables will give CFH a scientific basis for continuous improvement of the cultivation of Cannabis.  Here are some of the areas in which we are conducting research and development:

Plant Density & Production Cycles

Identifying ways to shorten production cycles, involving photoperiod, plant population, fertility timing, various cycle times.



Defining variety specific nutrient use by stage of development for timing, uptake,  nutrient balance required to achieve the optimum output of the desired quality. 


Genetic Development

Evaluation of varieties for specific traits, breeding & selection for specific characteristics and unique traits, combining different strains & selecting for production characteristics and various cannabinoids.



Lighting type, wave length, intensity, duration,  measurement technology, and absorption capability of the cannabis plant at different stages of growth.   


Integrated Genetic, Cultivation & Environment

Developing variety specific cultivation, and environmental condition to optimize the expression of the desired genetic trait. These evaluations include temperature, humidity air circulation, photoperiod, plant density, variety specific nutrition requirements at various stages of growth, to name only a few.