Steve Brent – West Coast Account Manager

Mr. Brent has extensive experience in all aspects of the MJ/Hemp industries through his direct ownership and operation of dispensaries/cultivation facilities, consulting to entrants into our industry, growing a lighting infrastructure entity as well as founding a number of companies. 

He has dedicated his time and efforts in advocacy for CBD uses for the community within the Medical Marijuana Industry.  Specifically, Brent is the founder of Sequoia CBD, Inc., a clinically focused company that has assisted those patients with severe and debilitating medical conditions.

Prior to his entrance into the Cannabis Business Sector (8 years ago), and over the a 30 year history, Brent has held numerous Senior Executive level positions in Fortune 100 financial institutions in operations, management, compliance, sales, regulatory oversight and fraud management. Having a background in both Cannabis and traditional Business Management affords Steve a unique skill set…He is able to translate and apply traditional business acumen to a typically non-traditional industry. 

Steve is a graduate of San Diego State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management/Organizational Behavior (understanding how to work with other teammates to achieve great things).  He loves his family, his pets (3 dogs – Tibetian Mastiff, Newfoundland and a tea cup Yorkie, as well as 3 bengal cats) and is an avid golfer.

“I’m very excited to join the CFH team and help expand the business while increasing awareness on the benefits of full sprectrum CBD products”