David Knight

Chief Beverage Officer

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David Knight is a global brand and sales guy with over 35 years of consumer products and e-commerce experience. Most of his career has been in beverages both Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic. He has amassed a proven track record of product and packaging innovation, break-through marketing campaigns as well as sales leadership.

Immediately after acquiring a marketing degree from the University of South Wales, David went to work at Frito-Lay Australia.  He was the first international marketer to join the Frito-Lay USA team in Plano Texas. There, he spent 3 years growing and refining their dip/salsa and unflavored tortilla chip business.  He developed and launched the line of Tostitos queso and salsas that remains the market leader today.

Upon the return to Australia, he headed Sales and Marketing for Frito-Lay and then ran marketing covering the pacific rim for PepsiCo Foods International.

His next career move was to lead the Gatorade Team in Australia and New Zealand for Quaker Oats, and then relocated to Hong Kong to launch Gatorade into China. Upon the acquisition of Gatorade by PepsiCo David moved to Purchase New York to head marketing for Gatorade International out of PepsiCo’s head office, putting Gatorade into the Pepsi Bottling systems around the world.

In 2004 he was recruited by eBay to run international marketing out of San Jose CA, and scale marketing and the eBay platform around the world. His last assignment at eBay was to scale Internal Communications for Meg Whitman across eBay, PayPal and Skype.

In 2008 David entered the spirits world with a tequila start up called SX Liquors: an entrepreneurial start up targeted female tequila consumers with breakthrough packaging and infused flavors.

David loves the outdoors and has tested his mettle on the Ironman courses around the world as well as being the 739th swimmer to cross the English Channel. He now climbs 14ers for fun and is out on his gravel bike on the weekends.

David joined CFH as the chief beverage officer to launch J&J CBD Seltzer and cultivate the strategy and brand product line and expand the CFH success in CBD beverages.

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