Jeremy Raab

Co-Founder, James & James Sales

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Jeremy Raab is a professional cannabis grower, researcher and consultant with 12 years’ experience in the cannabis production industry. Though Jeremy grew up in Colorado, he was first introduced to cannabis cultivation in 2004 while attending Whittier College in Southern California. The state had a flourishing medical cannabis industry and Jeremy was able to work his way through school while learning the processes he would refine in the years to come. Jeremy designed, built and managed several production facilities during his time in California and provided wholesale cannabis to local retailers.

After college Jeremy returned to Colorado. Though the state’s cannabis industry was in its infancy, he was able to continue producing medical cannabis for patients as a caregiver. Towards the end of the decade, evolving regulations paved the way for hundreds of new producers to enter the marketplace. At this time Jeremy began working as a production consultant, aiding new cultivators in establishing themselves as well as helping existing producers to maintain a competitive edge.

Early on in his consulting Jeremy discovered the need for standardization in production methodology. Each existing cultivator had a unique production process, often ill-suited to producing a consistent, high-quality product at a competitive cost. Jeremy seized upon this opportunity, beginning his research and development of a least-cost, highest efficiency production model. His areas of focus included lighting, environmental control, nutrient profiles and fertigation methods, growing substrates, plant manipulation and canopy management, production cycles, plant populations and integrated pest management. These efforts resulted in the development of a standardized production process tailored to the unique needs of the cannabis plant.

Jeremy has implemented these prescription cultivation methods in many facilities with a high degree of success. By reducing materials and labor costs as well as increasing yields and the rate of crop turnover, he significantly increased his clients’ efficiency and profitability.

After developing and proving his standardized production systems, Jeremy joined CFH, Ltd. to build upon this research. Though his methodologies optimized the production of the cannabis plant, the wide range of diversity in Cannabis species and subspecies remained a variable that had to be accounted for. CFH, Ltd.’s development of novel genetics coincides with the development of production processes tailored to those genetics. By pairing a cultivar with a prescription cultivation method, Jeremy aids producers in consistently executing on the expression of the desired traits that make each variety uniquely valuable.

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