Testimonials from Current CFH Customers

Having lived with ADD all my life, I have been challenged with focus and energy throughout my life.  Additionally, as a former NFL wide receiver, having had over 20 concussions in my career, focus, memory and concern of having CTE is something that i live with daily.  I was skeptical about taking CBD, but can tell you that CFH’s CBD Tincture has absolutely made a different in my life and I can’t imagine living with out taking it daily.  I don’t believe in taking pills so I am blessed to not have taken Ridaline or other ADD/ADHD medication during my lifetime and now feel that I am able to have the focus and mind energy to live a higher quality of life by using CFH Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil CBD Tincture in my daily diet.  

- Jeff, Boulder CO

A letter written to CFH from Kevin - Casper, WY

"I have been taking CFH CBD Oil for 2 months, primarily for my Essential Tremors, but also to see if it would help me sleep better.  I have definitely noticed a significant change in the severity of my Essential Tremors and am having a much easier time putting on makeup, especially mascara.  I also feel steadier when I am using utensils to cook and to eat with.  I have noticed that falling asleep is easier and, if I awake during the night, I am better able to fall back to sleep.  I usually have a hard time taking liquid medicine, but, I take the CFH CBD oil and was surprised to find the taste quite pleasant.  I tried a few other brands of CBD Oil and did not seem to have the same results as I did with the CFH brand.  I also did a little experiment, just to make sure the oil was really working.  I stopped taking it for about 4 days, and quickly noticed that my tremor was getting worse.  So glad to have found this product."

- Leni, Asheville NC

"I've been taking CFH CBD oil for about 8 weeks now and have had amazing results.  For years I have had trouble falling asleep and tried several over the counter and prescription sleep aids. Ambien worked, but after long term use I decided to stop three years ago because of side effects. After stopping it would take 3-4 hours to fall asleep and I woke up tired and foggy. Since taking the oil (1/2) dropper, I fall asleep quicker and if I do wake I’m able to fall quickly back to sleep. The best is waking up rested without the brain fog. So very thankful to have found this product through a friend who had no idea I had the problem of not sleeping. Bottom line, it works for me!"

- Becky, Asheville NC

"I am a 47 year old female who had a full knee replacement 9 weeks ago.  I was using Oxycodone and ibuprofen after surgery.  3 days after the surgery, I was still on Oxycodone. I was dizzy, tired and still in a lot of pain. I tried the CFH Pain Relief Balm 2-3 times a day and in the middle of the night. The deep throbbing pain would subside within minutes and stay away for hours! I no longer use Oxy, ibuprofen, aleve or Tylenol, just the ointment! It has helped with the pain as well as the inflammation!" 

- Kim, Longmont CO

"I am currently using the CFH Pain Relief Balm for 7 cracked ribs and a punctured lung as a result of a bike accident.  I was taking up to 6 Oxycodone in a 24 hour period for pain. The drug made me dizzy, unable to drive and only mildly touched the pain.  The balm saved me! I use it 3-4 x per day liberally on my entire torso. The pain subsides within minutes and lasts for hours.  My head is clear, I can drive and have great relief from the pain thanks to the balm!"

- Chuck, Longmont CO

"I would like to take a moment to thank you folks at CFH for the transformation your CBD oil had on my Aunt and her phantom leg pain after her stroke in May.  She was basically incapacitated due to pain and was unable to complete her rehab therapies.  We started the CBD oil as soon as she arrived home and within 12 hours, she was pain free!  It was almost magical!  Thank you!"

- Rebecca, Boulder CO

"How does the CFH CBD tincture help me? Let me count the ways! First of all, I take it only in the middle of the night. Why? Because that's when pain wakens me and I cannot go back to sleep. It eases my back pain (had major back surgery 3 years ago) and the damaged nerve pain from the surgery. It relaxes me (eases my anxiety) and helps me fall back to sleep. Before I started taking the CBD in the night, I slept maybe 5 hours. Now, I sleep 10 hours!! Oh what a difference sleep makes. I have more energy to do and to think, to be creative and to have fun. Thank you CFH!"

- Elizabeth, Asheville NC