CFH, Ltd.

CFH, Ltd. is a vertically integrated CBD oil bioscience company producing Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Oil. 

CFH, Ltd. develops plant strains with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles targeted at specific health issues by controlling the entire supply chain from seed genetics through propagation, cultivation, to extraction to deliver standardized ingredients for formulators.  We control the supply chain from the DNA in the seed genetics through cultivation and extraction into a full spectrum oil. We make the most consistent extract, batch after batch after batch. 

We provide the most consistent, high quality, full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich, hemp flower extract and develop unique cannabis genetics that express predetermine profiles targeting specific health issues.

At CFH, Ltd., it is all about science and data.  Beginning with plant genetics and the optimization of the production process, our goal is to insure the expression of the phytocannabinoid and terpene profile in the flower and oil extract.    It is the application of genetic and plant bioscience research and development that delivers predictability and consistency and the high quality phytocannabinoid rich full spectrum oil extract that we produce.

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CFH, Ltd. utilizes proven plant bioscience technology to deliver unique genetic strains and production methodology for hemp.   Our research and genetic development focuses on trait specific product development.  This results in high production strains with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles which yielding full spectrum oil produced for specific health issues.  

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CFH, Ltd. uses established controlled environmental crop & vegetable production methods, facilities, equipment and automation.  This results in methods that are specific for each strain which optimize the expression of the desired traits and results in predictably and consistency to deliver the same quality products from each harvest.  It is our mission at CFH to be the leader in efficiency, quality and consistent product supply.

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Research to date indicates full spectrum naturally derived flower oil extract to be more effective in treating heath issues.   However, the interaction of the all the phytocannbinoid and terpenes that the Hemp plant produces naturally have proven to be a challenge for science and formulators to replicate.  CFH, Ltd. is committed to producing the highest quality most effective CBD oil by utilizing strains, production methods and extraction processes that capture all of the components the plant produces naturally to provide a highly effective full spectrum oil ingredient for  formulation from the pure flower extract CFH produces.